Geometric | Abstract | Organic


The arrangement of things


The exploration of substance


My artwork, whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, centers on the ritual of arrangement, the patterns we see, the patterns we create; while simultaneously exploring the physical limits of the materials I am working with.

Patterns are ancient and enduring evidence of something built into our DNA. In our human(ness), we seek the edges of things; seek to define borders and boundaries— we seek to define ourselves. In patterns we manifest our desire to impose order and control, to make sense of the arrangement of things around us.

In the cadence of shape, the fittings-together of line, the dance of colors, the sweep of movement cradled deep within form we find the ordered elements of our imaginings — mediations to find ourselves in the rituals of creating and living.

Materials are an invitation to interact and discover and to surrender expectations when one thing is mixed with another thing. The exploration of the substance and pushing the physical limits of the material, an exploration of the possibilities and the relationships of one to another — Alcohol to acrylic paint, heat to wax, and fire to wood.